Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy new year!

So the new year is approaching fast. We're heading out soon to my folk's place to celebrate the coming of the new year with some good food and drink.

I havn't written in a while, mainly because I've been busy on my bachelor thesis and the free time I've had has been spent on playing Medieval II: Total War. I also of course have other stuff to study, so no rest for the wicked. Been some economics on the side for example.

Our thesis is pretty much done, only needing some finishing touches. We studied what effects the fallpits of project management has on the outcome of IT-projects. For a quick summary, there is one and the fallpits are best avoided. I'll link to the official website once it's done and published, hopefully sometime in late january.

Unfortunately to my utter disappointment there has been no sessions of Call of Cthulhu even though I thought there would be some time for it now in the holidays, but I fear once more my friends have grown weary of roleplaying or at best that they simply havn't had any time to play in the last month or so. Who knows?

I got myself a hat by the way. It looks pretty cool.

Happy new year!