Friday, September 07, 2012

What's new?

Was googling myself, as any self respecting narcissist does from time to time, and I found quite the trail after myself. Usually, it is just stuff I've written about myself - how great I am and so forth that I find. But this time, someone else had written about me. An old Internet friend from 15 years ago or so when I was still running my Final Fantasy 3 site, thought to mention me. I thought that was pretty cool and I was happy to learn I had made a small impact on someone.

If I allow myself to be nostalgic, which I can, since it is my blog, I sometimes miss the fledgling Internet I grew up with. Before it was inhabited by normal people.No spam and the only trolls were the voices in your own head.  It was its own seperate world where you pretty much by default ended up talking with people you didn't know from other parts of the world, now it is more an extension of the real world where you just talk to people you already know from it. Maybe it is just me having changed how I use this tool, since I am sure it must still be like that for some people.

And as far as Final Fantasy 3 goes, I played for a bit not too long ago and it is still a great game which I recommend.

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